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Warum wartete Jesus so lange?

John Piper hat in seinem Podcast auf eine Frage geantwortet, die ich mir auch immer mal wieder stelle: Warum hat Jesus so viele Jahretausende vergehen lassen, ehe er auf die Welt kam, um die Menschen ein für alle Mal durch seinen Tod am Kreuz und seine Auferstehung von der Sünde zu befreien?

God has designed the world and cultures and the nature of humanity so that certain conditions, certain states of affairs come about in the world gradually. We can always second-guess why God would ordain it to be that way, but he has told us that some things take time, meaning taking all of reality into account, God thought it wise that things would develop the way they do. Here are some examples.


Now that, it seems to me, is as close as we get in the Bible to an explanation of why there is such a long and contorted, disappointing, frustrating history. God ordained that the history of Israel would develop in such a way and for as long as it did, so that Israel would be a lesson book for the nations about the gospel, a lesson book for the nations that no one can be justified by law keeping. And evidently God believes that the lengthy story of failures under every condition of advantage makes the point in the best possible way.

– John Piper


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