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Glaubst du an Erwählung?

Jeder bibellesende Christ glaubt an Erwählung! Diese Meinung vertritt zumindest Sam Storms, indem er schreibt:

It is important to remember that everyone who believes in the Bible believes in predestination and election. The issue isn’t whether you have a doctrine of election but what kind of doctrine you have. The verb to choose/elect is used 22x in the NT, 7 of which refer to election to salvation or eternal life. The noun elect also occurs 22x, 17 of which refer to men and women chosen or elected to eternal life. The noun election occurs 7x, all with reference to salvation. The verb to predestine occurs 6x, 4 of which refer to men being predestined to salvation (cf. Eph. 1:5,11).

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