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Feige Prediger

Preaching is not the only thing church should do, but it is the first thing that a church should do. Some of you are here and you are cowards [dt. Feiglinge]. You are cowards! You are looking for ways to not preach because you have fear-of-man issues, you like to be liked; you need to be needed. You suffer from codependency with your people, and it’s co-idolatry. You cannot serve your people unless you love them, and if you’re afraid of them you cannot love them because you’re using them. You’re using them for a job, a paycheck, prominence, preeminence, prestige, office, affirmation, “good job pastor.” You young men in particular, you need to get over your fear-of-man issues. Proverbs says it well. The fear of man is a snare. It’s a trap. It will get you not to preach or to preach in a way that is not acceptable. It will cause you to give suggestions rather than commands, and you will be a false prophet, even if you went to seminary.

– Mark Driscoll

Quelle: What Is the Church?

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