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Biblisches Mentoring


Soeben las ich einen begeisternden Artikel von Jerry O’Neill wie unter uns Christen auf biblische Weise Mentoring stattfinden kann. Hier ein Auszug:

In Titus 2, Paul instructs his pastor friend to teach what accords with sound doctrine. Titus was to teach sound doctrine (chap. 1), but he was also to teach what accords with sound doctrine, or what is fitting for sound doctrine. The context makes clear that what accords with sound doctrine is sanctified, reverent, godly love and wisdom. Even the best of classrooms can’t teach these things. In 2 Timothy 3, Paul says that Timothy had followed his teaching, his conduct, his aim in life, his faith, his patience, his love, his steadfastness, his persecutions, and the sufferings that happened to him. Timothy was well mentored. Paul’s discipling of Timothy certainly involved doctrine (listed first), but it included things that can best be fostered outside the pulpit.

Second Timothy 2:2 says, “And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” Notice the multiplication anticipated. Paul (first generation) instructed Timothy (second generation). Timothy would tell “faithful men” (third generation), who would be able to teach “others” (fourth generation). There is a proverb that most of us have heard that says if you give a man a fish, you will feed him for a day, but if you teach a man how to fish, you will feed him for a lifetime. Paul takes discipleship to yet another level. I’ve heard it said that the point of 2 Timothy 2:2 is to teach others not only to fish for themselves, but how to train fishermen who can in turn teach others also. If the Lord enables you and me to do that, we can feed an entire village, or even the world. But it will take biblical mentoring for that to happen.

Ich empfehle den ganzen Text zu lesen: Mentoring Others

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